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Ways to Give

Make a difference for our pets! Donate, sponsor a pet, or grab an item from our wish list—every contribution helps us save lives and find loving homes. Explore various ways to give to our Humane Society. Your support matters! Donate above.

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Make a Difference at HSofHC

HSofHC Wish Lists

Amazon Wish List

We have created a wish list on Amazon to help us meet the needs of our animals in residence, in foster care, and in our community. This specific list includes:

  • puppy care items

  • kitten care items

  • adult and baby food needs

  • adult and baby medical needs

Please check out THIS LINK for the complete Amazon list to order!

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Corporate Parnerships

Unlock a world of compassion and impact through corporate partnership gifts with the Humane Society of Harris County (HSofHC). Collaborate with us to make a difference in the lives of animals in need. Our corporate partnership program offers a unique opportunity for businesses to contribute to the community by supporting animal welfare initiatives. From sponsoring events and adoption programs to participating in cause-related marketing, corporate gifts to HSofHC create a positive ripple effect, showcasing your company's commitment to social responsibility and making a lasting impact on the well-being of our furry friends. Join hands with HSofHC, where corporate partnerships become a powerful force for good in the community.

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Corporate Partners and Patrons

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