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Volunteer or Foster

So you want to save a life, but aren't looking to adopt?

Here are a few other ways you can give back!

Dogs on a Bench

Got Free Time?

Come Volunteer with HSofHC!

Volunteers can help in many ways around our campus! Opportunities include dog walking, cat socialization, event help, playgroup runner, animal enrichment, and so much more! Reach out today to start spending your free time doing some great things for your community!

Have a furry friend-sized hole in your life?

Become a HSofHC Foster Today!

Foster homes are crucial for the success of our animals in their adoptive homes. Fosters house animals in their homes and give shelter animals a taste of what the real world of a being pet is like. It can be a destressing time for the animal, low commitment for the foster, and who doesn't love a furry friend in their home- even if it's only for a weekend? 

Fostering is a team effort! During your time fostering HSofHC will provide all supplies and information needed to be successful, we will also schedule all medical appointments. Fosters are encouraged to take pictures and videos, strut their animal around town and on their social media, and help find their furever homes! 

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Cat and Dog

Need a few extra cuddles in your life?

Volunteer or Foster at HSofHC for cuddles, love and friendship!

Need a stay-cation buddy to binge a new series with? Not to worry...HSofHC has many fur-friends who are looking for someone to share in some self-care!

Dog Spa
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